/// Sun Chang


/// Education

2017- Now
Sandberg Instituut, Dirty Art Department, Master, Amsterdam
2013 - 2016
Chelsea College of Art and Design, Fine Arts, Bachelor, London
Parsons School of Design, Exchange program, New York
2012 - 2013
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Foundation, Beijing
1998 - 2000
Little Lotus Calligraphy and Painting Class, Art enlightment, Wuhan

/// Residency

The Wandering School Part 2: Revolution or Bust, Athens, Mar. - Jun.
Pilotenküeche, Leipzig, Mar. - May.

/// yes

2017 - Now
kənvìviǽləti : Soy Project, Dec. - Now

/// yes yes

Food: behind barcodes, Butcher's tears, Amsterdam, Jun.
++++++++++ participate with Asli Hatipoglu, Pitchaya Ngamcharoen, Younwon Sohn, host by Nomo Koning

Αυτό το κάτι άλλο, Stoa42, Athens, Jun.
++++++++++ collaborate with Jean-françois Peschot, Dennis and Vaios from the bar, and a remote control

Artists & designers from the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut occupy Stoa42 , 1 month self-organized program, Stoa42, Athens, May. - Jun.
++++++++++ organize with Daniel Munoz Ordonez, David Haack Monberg, Gucci Nuggetz, Jean-françois Peschot, Léo Ravy, Leslie Lawrence, Rachele Monti, Tomasz Skibicki and Walter Gotsch

kənvìviǽləti, Parallel exhibitions at Toko Don Yong Amsterdam and Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam, May.
> ++++++++++ project collaborate with Younwon Sohn, communication design collaborate with Léo Ravy, soy supported by labor exchanged with Toko Don Yong Amsterdam, soy planting for future by De KasKantine.

kənvìviǽləti: lunch presentation, De KasKantine, Amsterdam, May.
++++++++++ collaborate with Younwon Sohn

DADDY ISSUES - THE ISSUES WITH GETTING READY TO GO, Co-organizing reading from dark to bright, Superfast Ferries, Between Bari to Patras, Mar.
++++++++++ organize with Léo Ravy

Film Premiere : “Spiral Symphonies (Soundman Edit)”, Co-organized film screning, Sandberg Auditorium, Amsterdam, Mar.
++++++++++ organize with Andrea Lopez Bernal, Daniel Munoz Ordonez, David Haack Monberg, Jason Harvey, Jean-françois Peschot, Jeroen Kortekaas, Léo Ravy, Leslie Lawrence, Pierre Bujeau, Rachele Monti, Tomasz Skibicki and Walter Gotsch

DAD presentation: Soy Power , Stichting Mediamatic, Amsterdam, Dec.

"Harmony, Good" - Look at this fucked up bird I just met, Losdok, Amsterdam, Nov.

Carrot: workshop and dinner, Co-organized dinner, DAD Sadnberg Instituut, Amsterdam, Nov.
++++++++++ organize with Andrea Lopez Bernal

Massage a dough, Co-organized dinner, DAD Sadnberg Instituut, Amsterdam, Nov.
++++++++++ organize with Andrea Lopez Bernal

City Decoration, Albert Heijn Delflandplein and 52°20’28’’N, 4°50’46’’E, Amsterdam, Oct. - Unk.

Curated KTV, co-curated Karaoke, Andingmens Melody, Beijing, Sep.
++++++++++ organize with i:project space during Beijing Independent Art Festival 2018

Funeral of The Expired Arts, Jahrtausendfeld and König-Albert-Brücke, Leipzig, May - Unk.

LINDENOW #13 program: Full Stop, Pilotenküeche, Leipzig, May.
++++++++++ curated by Martin Holz

Salon des Individualités, Salon Similde, Leipzig, Apr.
++++++++++ colleborate with Anita Goes, Eric Andersson, Natalia Kalicki, Persia Phillips, Yerin Kim and invited musician Hartmut und Freunde

"Very Very Friendly" - Comma, Bipolar Galerie, Leipzig, Mar.
++++++++++ with my 5 honorable collectors

Let the Dust Settle, Crypt Gallery, London, Nov.
++++++++++ colleborate with Sun Yue

Draft, Safehouse 2, London, Sep.

"1/5" - Chelsea Undergraduate Summer Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London, Jun.

Interim, Triangle Space, London, Mar.

Translations, The Morgue, London, Nov.

Floating, Parsons Media Hall, New York, Apr.

Show+ing, Platform Theatre Bar, London, Mar.

Wanderer, Co-organized and co-curated mobile exhibition, A Canvas Van, London, Cambridge and Brighton, May.
++++++++++ organize with Yang Yijia

Passport to Pimlico, Churchill Hall and Square, London, May.

Show+ing, Platform Theatre Bar, London, Mar.

Untitled, Cookhouse Space, London, Dec.

Prison, CG 11, London, Nov.

!, Central Academy of Fine Arts Banquet Hall, Beijing, Jun.

/// yes yes yes

Αυτό το κάτι άλλο, Current Athens, Jun.

Now-showing art exhibition: Homo Ludens, The Chinese Weekly vol.192, p.93, Apr.

No.08 - Sun Chang, Brutal Comdedy vol.0, Dec.

No.6 Artist Sun Chang, Relay Show, Nov.

Chang Sun INVENTION (extension version), Passport to Pimlico, p.88-89, Aug.