/// Common Belongings

Between "we" and "others", progress overview, 2019

\ 9th November 2018 - 17th June 2019
\\ Initiated with Sara Santana López
\\\ Student community of Sandberg Instituut

Common Belongings is a program, action researched in the context of Sandberg student community. Initiated in November 2018 in collaboration with fellow student Sara Santana López.

It first sought to provide care and connection through a mobile food service. Based on a donation system, Common Belongings has evolved, since then, into a sustainable structure that not only provides lunch but also functions as a platform for the Sandberg community to meet on a regular basis and discuss topics of collective interest such as housing shortage, immigration and the legal status of non-EU students.

The program then supports these events initiated by other members of the community and help establishing a culture of discussion, shared decision-making and collective emotional labor. Its ultimate goal has become to help its participants and co-initiators to regain a sense of belonging in the face of institutional pressures and shortcomings.


Circular Economy, digital illustration by Sara Santana López, 2019

Mobile kitchen in serving, photo documentation, 2019

Mobile Publication - plates for dialogues, photo documentation, 2019

Diagram on plate (top right) - Supported Event for Karina Zavidova, digital illustration by Sara Santana López, 2019

Supported event for Karina Zavidova - Cooking with Ambition, workshop and conversation, photo documentation, 2019